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Vancouver Tax Lawyer

A Vancouver Tax Lawyer from SpenceDrake Tax Law acts as legal representative for individuals, businesses and corporations who require tax advice and/or are facing tax disputes with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and provincial tax authorities.

The team at SpenceDrake Tax Law can resolve your tax situation in the most favourable way possible:

·   Our years of experience negotiating with the CRA and resolving tax problems makes us the right choice.

·   We handle each tax situation with the utmost care and ensure that your rights are protected and respected at every step.

We are experts in managing tax audits and objections/appeals and in representing Vancouver clients before the CRA and in the Tax Court of Canada and Federal Courts including the Federal Court of Appeal.

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) takes cases of undisclosed income, undisclosed foreign income, and tax evasion very seriously. Recent crackdowns have shown the priority that the agency places on these charges. Due to its power and experience, it is incredibly difficult and stressful to argue with or negotiate with the CRA. Working with experienced professionals, such as a Vancouver Tax Lawyer from SpenceDrake Tax Law, is critical to success:

·   The CRA can seek criminal tax evasion charges against you if it believes you willfully hid income or did not declare it correctly.

·   An experienced Tax Lawyer can review your situation and determine the best course of action.

·   We are dedicated to resolving tax problems.


Working with a Tax Lawyer

The CRA will require you to pay the taxes owing if you have undisclosed income. In addition, they will also charge significant interest charges and penalties. However, the penalties can get much more severe. You could also be charged with criminal tax evasion if the agency believes that there was an intent to avoid taxes.

While the CRA Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDP) allows individuals to correct prior year tax returns and disclose income that has not previously been listed on returns, this process must be completed correctly. You may be able to have penalties and even interest charges removed, but you are required to come forward with your information before the CRA contacts you.

Since you are giving the CRA information about your financial situation it does not currently have, you must do so with caution. If you give the CRA these financial details and are denied by the program, you could have just given the CRA the information it needs to deliver serious charges.

It’s critical to work with a Tax Lawyer in Vancouver or beyond when making a Voluntary Disclosure application or when dealing with situations of undisclosed income. Our team will guide you through the entire process, communicate with the CRA for you, and a Vancouver Tax Lawyer can represent you in meetings with the CRA and in court, if necessary.

Trust SpenceDrake Tax Law to correctly review your situation, handle every step of the process correctly, protect your rights, and improve your chances of success.

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