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Finding a Tax Lawyer in Ottawa

A Ottawa Tax Lawyer from SpenceDrake Tax Law acts as a legal representative for individuals, businesses and corporations who require tax advice and/or are facing tax disputes with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and provincial tax authorities.

Working with SpenceDrake Tax Law means you will be represented by knowledgeable experts in meetings with the CRA, at all levels of court (including the Tax Court of Canada and the Federal Court of Appeal) and have access to experts to  resolve your tax situation. We work with individuals and corporate clients in Ottawa during all stages of tax disputes.

If the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has contacted you regarding your income taxes, having the right response is critical. This is because tax situations can become very complex and serious very quickly. It’s not just crucial that you respond promptly, but also correctly. Making even a small mistake can result in serious damage. Working with a tax professional (such as a SpenceDrake Tax Lawyer in the Ottawa area) is strongly advised to ensure you are putting forward your best case.

Trust SpenceDrake to resolve your tax situation in the most favourable way possible, thanks to our experience, knowledge, and comprehensive approach.

We offer expert and comprehensive tax solutions to clients within Ottawa and all throughout Canada. No matter what stage of the tax dispute process you are in, trust SpenceDrake to work diligently to resolve your tax situation. We handle all aspects of Canadian tax law, including tax evasion, tax investigations and opinions, domestic and international income tax, GST, HST, provincial sales tax cases and more.


Working with a Tax Lawyer

A Tax Lawyer is critical for dealing with several CRA disputes, such as cases of undisclosed income. The CRA has been clamping down on individuals and companies that have failed to properly disclose all income in recent years, and the agency can even seek criminal tax evasion charges if it believes a taxpayer deliberately avoided disclosing all income.

Not only will a Ottawa Tax Lawyer determine the best course of action for your tax situation, but they will also ensure your rights are protected at every step of the way.

At SpenceDrake Tax Law, we work to resolve tax situations no matter what they may be. We respect and protect your rights and communicate your interests to the CRA.

Once we review your situation, we use the facts and our knowledge of tax law to determine the best course of action going forward.

We will communicate with the CRA on your behalf and expertly present your case to alleviate your tax problem.

SpenceDrake has successfully represented individuals and corporate clients across Canada in all levels of court.

Working with a Tax Lawyer in Ottawa ensures that your rights are respected and protected, and that lawyer-client privilege is provided so you can freely discuss your tax issue with your Tax Lawyer.

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