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SpenceDrake Tax Law acts as legal representatives for individuals, businesses and corporations who require tax advice and/or are facing tax disputes with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and provincial tax authorities.

We are experts in managing tax audits and objections/appeals and in representing Calgary clients before the CRA and in the Tax Court of Canada and Federal Courts including the Federal Court of Appeal.

We practice solely in Tax Law including domestic and international taxation issues, GST/HST, CRA audits and appeals and more.

We are experts in resolving tax issues. As Canadian Tax Lawyers, we have extensive experience with Tax Law matters.

When you work with a Calgary Tax Lawyer when dealing with the CRA, your rights are always recognized and safeguarded.

We offer free consultations with a Calgary Tax Lawyer to discuss your tax problem and how we can help you resolve it.

Working with a Tax Lawyer

No matter your situation or at what point you are in your tax dispute with CRA, trust SpenceDrake Tax Law to resolve your tax matter.

The CRA has boosted its attempts to clamp down on undisclosed income and has become increasingly aggressive in their methods to identify non-compliance with tax laws. A significant part of CRA’s day-to-day operations is to aggressively pursue undisclosed income, overclaimed expenses, unreported GST/HST and any other cases of non-compliance with Canadian tax laws. Any significant breach of tax law can lead to severe consequences including large financial penalties and jail. Accordingly, a Tax Lawyer who serves clients in the Calgary area is crucial.

If the CRA concludes that a taxpayer has not accurately reported all income, it not only demands the respective income taxes, but it also levies substantial interest and financial penalties. Financial penalties can be as high as 50% of the unpaid tax. More serious repercussions arise if CRA concludes that the taxpayer’s non-compliance was intentional. In this case, CRA may allege a criminal tax evasion charge which can lead to fines of 200% and years in prison.

SpenceDrake Tax Law has the experience and skill to protect taxpayers from CRA action.


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